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CoreAlign classes are happening all over the world but not always right down the street.

How do you get access to great instruction?

How do you feed your hunger for inspiration?

How do you connect with and collaborate with your fellow CoreAlign instructors?


How do we bring the full potential of the CoreAlign to our clients?

Arwen Brooke

Hi, I'm Arwen Brooke

Founder of CoreAlign CoLab

and Master Instructor for Balanced Body in CoreAlign & Pilates


Teachers need to be Re-Sourced!


They give, but they also need to receive.

I was slow to learn this as a new Pilates instructor. I worked for years without community and collaboration. I loved what I did but I definitely didn’t thrive the way I did once I tapped into a healthy Pilates community and began investing time and energy into continuing education. 

With community my teaching gained energy, excitement, clarity, humility and self compassion. 

I’ve since become a Pilates & CoreAlign Master Instructor with Balanced Body and I’ve fallen in love with the education process and passing on inspiration, clarity and compassion to others with heavy doses of teaching self love and self care. 

I believe the CoreAlign is an amazing tool and I suspect you do too. I also suspect you may be teaching CoreAlign in isolation, as most of us are, and this means the wonders of your experiences and innovations are not being shared with the world, and you are not receiving the wonders of the innovations of others! 

Jonathan Hoffman created the CoreAlign out of a specific need he saw in rehabbing his clients, much like Joseph Pilates created the Clara Barrel for a woman named Clara. Every day amazingly talented instructors are creating innovative ways of bringing fix, foundation and fun to their clients through the use of the CoreAlign.

And this platform, CoreAlign CoLab, is intended to help bring them to you, and you to them, so that we may all grow and share this amazing resource with our clients. 

Your tribe awaits!


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